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Gay Geeks Roundup: Helping Haiti, Marc Jacob Mixtapes, and that iTablet thingy

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Notice that Gay Geeks has been oddly silent since Christmas? Here's what happened.

I was walking down the street a few days before New Years when I saw a stray puppy in the street. Naturally the hero-type, I ran into the streets to save the poor little lab when I was nearly hit by a black van who swerved to miss me. Maybe they just should have run me over because they kidnapped me and locked me in a dungeon strapped to a chair with my eyes glued open and forced me to watch hours upon hours of doomed-to-fail Fox pilots, like Warlosky, Back to You, The Winner, and most recently Human Target.

Just kidding... I've actually been super lazy and had my head in the clouds since Christmas. I promise you two things: Gay Geeks is back, and Human Target really did suck.


Today's Episode: You can spend your money to help Haiti, or you could spend it on an old school USB hub from Marc Jacobs... but you really should be saving it all for the iTablet.

Ten bucks can go a long way to help the crisis in Haiti, and you don't have to pull out your wallet.

Right after that massive earthquake in Haiti, something awesome was coordinated with the Red Cross and help from the US State Department. If you text "Haiti" to 90999, $10 dollars will be donated to the Red Cross to offer immediate relief and help. The amount will be charged to your cellphone bill. Every major cellphone carrier (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) has agreed to wave text messaging fees back and forth for the donation, even if you don't have a texting plan. And during this time of crisis, your cellphone carrier (even Cricket) will allow you to make free calls to Haiti... in case you have family or are offering support. This is a massive collaboration effort, and one of the many ways to give back.

To find out more, you can go to where Google has compiled all sorts of information regarding the crisis. It's a good thing.

USB Mixtape: One part Old School, one part High Fashion, three parts USB hub, and six parts awesome.


I've seen a lot of old cassette tape USB mashups, but normally they contain thumb drives crammed in an empty cassette to emulate a modern day mixtape. Shit, I even made one as a gift for my last boyfriend and filled the drive with a collection of my favorite tunes just for him.

This time, famed designer Marc Jacobs threw the concept into a 3 port USB hub with classic mix tape designs culled from his younghood. I really really dig the whole idea, and they only cost $15... the catch is they're only for sale at Marc Jacob stores. [via The Malcom]

And now... the iTablet.

(click to enlarge)

As much as I love new gadgets, there's nothing I hate more than an overhyped gadget that hasn't even been confirmed. There has been talk of an Apple Tablet for years, about 250+ artist/fanboy renditions, and millions of dollars in stocks bought and sold over the hype of this magical handheld device. And each year, at each keynote, we place bets on a Mac tablet being announced. And each year, and at each keynote, there has been nothing.

But this is it! This time we are totes 135% sure that Apple has made a new revolutionary device called the iTablet, or maybe the iSlate, or maybe the iPhone 4....

Perhaps the rumors are true this time, as Apple will be holding a special press event on Jan 27th, where they will be showing us their "latest creation." The only thing we do know is that this new product has something to do with the iPhone... Or maybe it doesn't.

Fuck it, just go click on the artist rendition above to see what the most popular assumptions are, then head over to the green room blog to see which fanboy said what. But I guarantee you, whatever it is, Jerame and I will be getting one. Cause thats how we roll.

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#include java.lang.blogshit;

void static main(argc string) { = true; = true; = true;

   if (bankAccount.empty) &&
     (unemployed) &&
     (findJob.likely == false) &&
     (sugarDaddy.happy == false)
     shitOutOfLuck = true;
     printf 'Forget it --- You\'re broke!';

I knew I was gonna get some source code comments. w33t.

// ===============================
// That's pseudo-code.
// A source code comment looks like this.
// This crap gets old really quickly, doesn't it?
// ===============================

If I knew how to say it in code, I'd do it, but -alas- I'm geek deficient.

But I do wear a size ten. And Nate does have a nice rear end... :)

/*we really shouldn't be so proud about this.. and A.J. yer a syntax nazi.*/

/*though I do get quite pissy when people don't stagger their code. */

Actually, I'm OCD ... but then, there's not much difference between being OCD and being a nazi, is there?


....sigh....dirty talk is my favorite code.