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Anti-gay CPAC speaker booed off stage

Filed By Bil Browning | February 20, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: California Young Americans for Freedom, CPAC, GOPride, GOProud, rightwing nutjobs, Ryan Sorba

It tickles me to no end to see people standing up and vehemently booing and shouting down Ryan Sorba at the CPAC convention after he "condemns CPAC for bringing GOPride" to the fundie fest. The group is actually GOProud, but whatever. Sorba's group calls itself California Young Americans for Freedom so you know catchy names aren't a priority for these guys.

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"You just made an enemy out of me"??????

Looks like the guy needs some serious political training. Otherwise, he's not likely to be the next Gov. of Ca.

Oh, wait, I take that back - that kind of intemperance might actually make him *most* qualified.

"The lesbians at Smith College protest better than you do..."

I love that he said it twice... was he fishing for a headline there?

I do however think it is amazing that at CPAC, of all places, an anti-gay speaker was booed off the stage.