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Encountr: The Gay/Bi Guyfinder App for Android. [Gay Geeks]

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Android has been shuffling along with its modest App Market library of 30K+. I like to say (and oft prove) that there's a comparable and usable app for most things that the iPhone App Store offers. promo-enc.jpeg

Maybe all my friends are just a little bit whorish, or maybe just mobile promiscuity is catching on, but I'm always being asked if they can get Grindr in the Market. Grindr is the premiere geo-locational guy finder app for gay/bi men, simple profiles, simple communication, but apparently effective. And alas, up until recently, Android has been left of out the "guy-finder" app category, until now. Encountr, Android's first native locale-based-boy-radar has just been released. First opinion? It can only get better...

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MODESTO, CA - February 22, 2010 - Chedstone Interactive announced that its highly anticipated application, Encountr for Android, will be available on the Android Marketplace beginning today.

Gay and bisexual men all over the United States have been looking for a dating application for their Android phones. Today, we deliver that app and we call it, Encountr.", said Roy McKenzie, developer of the application. With the Encountr application, millions of gay and bisexual men can find other gay or bisexual men nearby using GPS. Users can view profiles of local guys and start a conversation through the chat function all from within the app.


Encountr is very simple: using your phone's GPS/location Encountr pulls a list of guys sorted by who's closest to you. Simple filters allow you to set an age range, view guys with photos only, and set the mile radius for Encountr to look. Click on a thumbnail to bring photo/name/age/bio with the option to send a short message along.


And thats it. Seriously. Nothing else to review. Unfortunately, Encountr is halfbaked at best, and should have had a few more revisions before the press release was sent out. However, like I said, Encountr can only get better, and so in good faith, I'll outline some of the features that can only come about in the future.. because I've really said all there is.

  • Notifications: This is a highlight of Android, and Encountr feels broken without it. Even the chat list has nothing to show when you've received a message.
  • Dynamic refreshing: Back in the early days of smartphone apps, when an app refreshed its data, you had to wait while a spinning loading icon locked out the app until it was done fetching. Encountr can make you wait as much as a minute before it refreshes. I'd like to see dynamic refreshing, with thumbnails appearing as they load. No one wants to wait when they're horny, right? Not to mention there is a ton of methods to check for changes in data without refreshing an entire data set, but i digress...
  • At a glance info: As you can see from the screenshots, all you see are photos, and as much as i love a clean interface, it would be really nice to be able to tell from the list who is online. Maybe even a star method that keeps your favorite tricks profiles on top, or at least easy to distinguish.
  • iPhone compatibility: This feature is at least confirmed from the source: " An iPhone version of the app is imminent that will allow guys from the two largest phone platforms to connect using one service." If Encountr can ramp up the development and either tether into Grindr's database or bring the feature list above and beyond Grindr on both platforms, Encountr has a chance.

If you roll with Android and like finding your booty calls via thumbnail, I'd install Encountr. Even if you aren't sold, you should install it and see what happens. Apps like this need testing time and the user base to support speedy development. To install, search for "Encountr" in the Android Market, or scan this code right from your phone.

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Really? ANOTHER website/thing only for gay dudes?

Can I get paid for my likeness being used? lol.. anyway.. oh, and my conversation with you lol.. nice!! :)

Oh, I forgot.. Also. 2.0 is coming out soon of this APP with notifications, and also people who are online currently will have a blue box around them.

It keeps crashing upon loading on my Droid.

Is this available in the UK? Doesn't appear when I search the market :-(

Hey thanks for the review man. I appreciate it. To UK: I just released it for the UK Android Marketplace. It's not localised for KM vs Miles but I was getting so many requests that said they don't care about that that I decided to fuck it and go ahead and release it. I will add the localization to the roadmap though! Go check it out!

Hi, is this apps available in australia? I just got an android phone and would love to install this on the phone.

Hey guys,

Does this app run in the background? Or does it always have to be open to run it?

Cannot find it either in the Market in Belgium... :-(

How or where can I find the app for mu HTC HD2 so that I may download it?

I can't wait for the new versions. This is definitely half-baked but if they can open up Grindr's database, that would rock!

shawn_dude | May 24, 2010 12:40 PM

I've been using Encountr since I bought my phone a month ago. Nexus One, Android 2.1, AT&T. Partner has an iPhone and uses Grindr from time to time.

Comparing the two is wasted effort. Grindr is a clean, simple, well-designed application. No noticeable bugs that I am aware of.

Encountr is very buggy on my N1. It crashes as often as it connects. Picking up new chats takes a long time, even when it does work right. The ads at the bottom are okay in concept, but at least one of them tried to download an unwanted sex app to my phone without asking me first. (I tried to click on a person at the bottom of the screen and my fat finger clicked the ad instead.)

I'm a software developer for a large multinational. I wouldn't put anything like this out and even call it "beta". I appreciate the efforts and I applaud the developer for filling a need. My recommendation is to not waste time on an iPhone version until you get the Android version working smoothly. Don't even bother with new features until you've got the base functionality working correctly. The guys over on iPhone are happy with Grindr and your existing software won't convince them to switch because it will frustrate them. Us nerds over on Android will put up with a lot more issues because we like the bleeding edge technology.

i agree i have the droid 2 and app is slow does not upload chats always having issues.. wish i had an iphoe to get grinder,,, plz c if you can make the program work..

I used to have a android phone, but i had a defective phone so i had to switch to the htc hd2. Is their anyway i could install it on my new phone?

Wow, would be nice if: 1. It did not crash every 3 minutes 2. It did not take 3 minutes to load ANYTHING 3. Was a little more clear and detailed.

I have used the product on a G1 and now on a myTouch Slide from T-mobile. Good idea very bad execution.

Why doesn't encountr tell me how close people are within feet like grindr? Is this a limitation of the phone's GPS or the app itself?

Cannot find in market?? X10mini

This app is cool. Guys need to not be afraid to talk to each other so jump on it. New update coming in the next couple of days.

Just wanna have fun.

i think everyone should just growup & have a openmind to the world & how everyone & everything is. mature is the way to go when it comes to being a adult in a fkup world.

i think everyone should just growup & have a openmind to the world & how everyone & everything is. mature is the way to go when it comes to being a adult in a fkup world.

hi i had a question, i use to have the samsung intercept and i had the encountr app and made a profile, then i swithed my phone to the evo i downloaded the app again but i cant log into my account i can only creat a new one, why is that?

Here just see what going on.

If you live in europe you should try wim for Android... it works much better than Grindr

There are lots of apps for M4M but not all of them are the same. is one of the best; it is new and growing with a brand new release today.