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Gay pirates sued over Kings of New York

Filed By Nathan Strang | August 18, 2010 8:30 AM | comments

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Now that there's been a few successful P2P lawsuits hammered forth by the RIAA and other large media companies, the idea has spread to gay porn empire Lucas Entertainment, who recently filed the first of its kind lawsuit against 53 alleged gay [porn] pirates. The ill-gotten booty in question "Kings of New York," a porn about people "fucking their way to the top" in the big city.

gaypirates.jpgobligatory gay pirates photo [Charles Roffey's flickr under a creative common license.]

The lawsuit is being organized by the Copyright Defense Agency, who say they have a list of 53 IP addresses and proof that the film was downloaded and shared from

The CDA isn't a big agency; their website is a shell of a wordpress site with barely a logo and a name, and its no surprise their investigation was so low tech. CEO Eric Green was charged with the sketchy task of trolling (a popular gay porn torrent tracker) for the pilfered film, downloading said film, and watching just enough to verify the contents (what an awful job). Through Windows screenshots, reverse DNS lookups, and other DIY sleuthing methods, Green was able to compile a list of 53 unique IP addresses who allegedly downloaded the porn. These 53 IP's were gathered on the 5-6th of August, with the lawsuit filed just days later, on the 9th.

Lucas Entertainment and Copyright Defense Agency are pushing for the judge to make quick action of their lawsuit, and want ISP's to turn over the names attached to the 53 IP addresses. If you downloaded Kings of New York between the 5-6th of August, you might be expecting a letter in the mail. Lucas wants $150K per download, saying the act of infringement was intentional. They are also saying that more defendants will be added as the investigation continues.

This is the first time that an adult film company has pursued this form of copyright infringement. But what does this mean to you? Well, downloading copyrighted material online is against the law, and if yer caught, yer pretty much caught. However, the amounts that these film companies are asking for are completely outrageous, porn, feature film, album, whatever. This just adds to the precedents, and its only gonna get uglier. Be careful out there my pirate friends.

(via ars technica)

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I knew you'd go for a gay pirates joke. :)

I personally would have gone with "Thar he blows".

If you downloaded Kings of New York between the 5-6th of August, you might be expecting a letter in the mail.

Or if you had previously downloaded it and were giving it out to other people. Wasn't this PI downloading and recording the IP addresses of people he was downloading from?

That does mean that some people could have had the film on their computer legally and been uploading it to others, and the other in this situation being Lucas Entertainment's PI, so that doesn't count as illegal activity. Plus IP addresses don't identify individuals necessarily, etc.

I don't know, but it doesn't seem like it should work as a means of catching pirates because, if it did, I'm surprised that the RIAA hasn't already done this. It's so lo-tech that someone should have been trying this back in 1995.

Either way, tho, Lucas Entertainment does have a right to make a profit off its work. I'm not disputing that, just wondering if this is an appropriate means of accomplishing that.

I don't usually read Bilerico for silly snickering, but "the ill-gotten booty in question" had me giggling in full teenage mode. Oh well. I also like "thar he blows", as suggested by a reader above.

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