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I got an email from a friend this morning who's a transsexual woman who depends on for medications-for-panic-attacks.jpgher medication. This message appears on their site:

Important Notice to United States Shoppers

We regret to advise that this site is no longer able to supply to shoppers residing in the United States.

After recent action taken by we have had to stop supplying customers within the USA. is actively closing down hundreds of sites that operate from outside the United States. We have been targeted as we have operated for 13 years on a no prescription basis despite the fact that we meet the pharmacy laws of Vanuatu where we are based.

She described the importance of this particular online pharmacy in email:

I wonder if you're up to speed on a small something that seems banal but is actually of colossal importance: yesterday I got an email from the site announcing that they'd no longer ship to the USA because of a small organization that wants to eliminate online pharmacies. I don't doubt there are some that aren't reputable, and I know that there is lots of counterfeit drug trafficking in the world, but inhousepharmacy was an exception and very appreciated and utilized by the "community."

I've used their services for years, and I don't have anything bad to say about them. I'm not naive and I know that this closure is about nothing but money, to keep American citizens from buying their medications cheaper abroad.

I know that this will have dire consequences for a lot of trans people because, even without promoting self-medication, we shouldn't hide the fact that often it's the only solution for many, young or not, to start their treatment in secret or because they live in a "hostile" milieu, or for practical reasons, etc.

So is this a form of reprisal against transsexuals? I for one am already bothered that I have to see a doctor who'll cost $400, tell him everything about my life and give him a crash course in all the medications, because in general they don't know anything! Afterwards, of course, I'll have to pay a fortune at Walgreen that'll cost more than $80 a month and start the circus all over again a few times each year to renew the prescription.

Another banal fact: a few months ago Estraderm patches were taken off the market, which were the best treatment that exists. My friends and I have tried everything else, but other products are just garbage.

So my question: Is someone "in high places" planning a GENOCIDE OF TRANSSEXUALS?

[translated into English by me]

She mentioned in another email that once she had to pay $800 to get a prescription when she changed doctors because he didn't want to do anything without running a bunch of tests. Not every person who is transitioning or has transitioned has that kind of money.

And she's right to be concerned. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm guessing that what Inhousepharmacy was doing was not quite legal, but.... Well, I've never been one to be a stickler for the rules if the rules mean that some people go without basic needs. Rules that require others to make enormous sacrifices to protect the profits of the few are rules that operate outside of justice and we'd live in a better world if people just ignored them.

I'm also concerned because Inhousepharmacy supplies people with medication for all sorts of different problems, including HIV/AIDS drugs. How many seropositive people depended on that site to get their medications? We won't know since they aren't going to come forward, but those drugs can be expensive and qualifying for government aide for them is only getting more challenging as states eliminate funding for drugs.

They mention that they're being targeted by, a third-party organization that seeks, according to their mission statement, verifies, monitors and enforces prescription drug law online for "the worlds [sic] leading government agencies and corporations." They use criminal and civil law to close down online pharmacies, target ISPs, and stress a few times on their site that they intend to protect intellectual property rights.

LegitScript also wears their partnership with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which opposes drug reimportation from Canada, a cheaper alternative to American medications that was discussed during health care reform but was rejected mainly because it would save the average American $800 a year, which would come directly from the pharmaceutical industry (crazily enough, the NABP decries Canadian drugs as "unsafe," even though they help license pharmacies in nine provinces).

While a drug company in Vanuatu may seem shady, LegitScript specifically marks as illegitimate Canadian pharmacies that sell to the US, which PharmacyChecker doesn't do ( is a much more visited website that provides consumer information on online pharmacies). LegitScript goes to some propagandatastic length on their site to justify this (they found one drug company that was illegally using a Canadian pharmacy license!), blocking Canadian drug reimportation into the US has always been about one thing only: money.

In other words, Americans pay more for prescription drugs than everyone else in the world because we have a government that is beholden to big pharma, and LegitScript goes the extra mile that law enforcement can't/won't in order to ensure that Americans keep on getting looted.

To be clear, I'm not saying that there's no need for an independent verification of online pharmacies. That stuff can be dangerous and in a sane world there would be a government organization licensing online pharmacies so that people could get cheaper medication that they need to save their lives from businesses they know are safe.

But we don't live in a a sane country where the goal of prescription drug laws is solely saving lives and reducing suffering. I grew up in a pharma town with lots of pharmaceutical management and researchers' kids at my school. They're generally nice people, but the sheer number of them living the high life mainly because intellectual property law protects their employers' profits at the expense of people's lives was enough to impress on me that their usual cries about how drugs are expensive in the US because of research are just whining that they'll take their ball and go home if they're forced to compete in a free market the way other industries have to.

Drugs for transsexual people are in a unique position. It's not just the cost of the medications that make online pharmacies attractive, it's that doctors are often unknowledgeable of and hostile to transsexualism, that health care providers rarely cover these drugs, and the privacy that are important as well.

It's worrisome because American health care law is set up so that a certain number of people are left to die to keep the pressure up on the rest of us to keep on paying more for health care than anyone else in the world has to. Looking at the categories of drugs Inhousepharmacy was providing - heart, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, asthma - and thinking that some of the people who were buying those drugs at that pharmacy are now going to have to go without... it should be unthinkable in a first world country.

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So long as the vast majority of doctors are utterly ignorant of trans healthcare needs AND require we pay them large sums of money to sign off on something we already know, gray market options with a proven history, like inhouse, are very important. I do see this as a wakeup call that resources like this wont always be around if we don't advocate for them -- or for more permanent solutions to accessible and affordable healthcare.

Any chance that Tobi's url offering can be redacted? IHP has gone to a bit of trouble to block the efforts of this troublesome organization from discerning that domain.

Posting it only makes it so that they will have to change it yet again.

It's a tough call, but I think it might be better to keep it up. My guess is they can figure out what the url if they really want to. And I would guess that they really want to. I think it's probably more important that the information is out there for all the people in need. I mean, if customers can't find the site, what's the point? And if customers can find the site, I'm sure Legitscript can too.

I'm not sure what inhouse's strategy is. Is it possible that .biz offers them some protection? Or perhaps it just takes 3-6 months for Legitscript to shut down a url and they figure they can just come up with a new one each time? I'm not sure, but I imagine that hiding so no one knows where they are is not their strategy.

Tobi writes: While that url has been shut down, they have found a new one,, and are currently operating under it, offering an opening special ...

I am not saying this is bogus. But if inhousepharmacy is not using this domain then it is exactly what LegitScript or a pure scam artist would do to steal people's credit cards for identity theft purposes. shipped fewer bogus drugs than my local Rite-Aid store. But I'm not sure whom to trust as to a new domain.

As to Antonia D'orsay - be deeply ashamed ma'am! This action will cost thousands of lives through suicides and missed drugs by people who can't afford access to medicine any other way.

Sadly, this IS a major issue NOW for many of my friends and aquiantences. I have two forms of health insurance and between the two, the cost of my HRT meds are resonable at $56 a month. Many Trans people would love that, but most DONT have health insurance or if they do, their insurer is moving to limit thier exposure by covering everything but medications and related treatment for any gender related issues. Even thouse that do have perscriptions often use Inhouse simply because they're cheap, reliable and are a known and reputable bussiness.

People suffering? Who cares? Let the peasants die in the streets. We have to make big pharma rich.

This is just going to create a bigger black market, reduce the safety, increase the HIV+ rate and end up in the deaths of not only trans people but other Americans who can't afford to pay to play this wonderful american "health care" system.

We die, while John Horton of Portland Oregon (the guy who runs legitscript) keeps on breathing.

The USA has a serious problem my friends.

The really questionable people in this group seen to be the people.

I am working up something for my blog and will have it up later today.

I think transsexual and transgender people are unintended consequences in this.

At this point I have the sneaky feeling that this might be a way of ending the practice of buying drugs from countries that place price controls on them so that US corporations can continue to have a monopoly in order to gouge the US consumer

You seem to understand what a loaded topic this is. I will have to read what you have to say more closely. My spouse is a nurse who brings pens and pads home she gets from the drug reps who visit the surgical center where she works. They buy lunch and pizza for the nurses. Who knows what the doctors get? We all see the full size advertisements in the local newspapers, I'm sure.

My spouse is very susceptible to osteoporosis. Her beloved brother, my friend and brother in law, died of AIDS. Our son interned at the Clinton Foundation. I have a transsexual background and have been given the run around by one monstrous endocrinologist and was a problem another one didn't want to deal with. I have too many anecdotes, data, and lack of data to relate to the problems involved.

I am friendly with someone who didn't have the patience to go through a therapist's evaluation who did at least as well as I did for five years buying her hormones on line. I assume she will find a vendor if she has to replace the one she's been using. She takes risks by not having her levels monitored. It took me six years and two endos to find a sympathetic gay male doctor to solve the riddles of my body and get my levels where they are supposed to be for twelve dollars a month.

One endo I saw would not allow me to move off Premarin which, at one time, was costing me 120.00 a month and not working very well. Oral medications are not synthesized well by my liver. The health risks involved with Premarin are well documented in the Women's Health Initiative study. Premarin is a patented drug. Bio-identical hormones have no patents, are well known to have far fewer health risks and are far less expensive. I don't think this is well understood among post menopausal women or many women from transsexual backgrounds, either. I found that if I bought my hormones on line I could get them at discounts that were comparable to the discounts offered by the health insurance company I am covered by but my endo wouldn't write my prescription - its a long story.

There are serious health risks involved. Treatment is so beneficial if you are someone who needs it. Waking in the middle of the night, however, with leg cramps hurts and can be scary. Throwing a clot can be much worse. Not being monitored and finding your levels are three and one half times the reference ranges can be dangerous. Not being monitored and finding out they are barely above the menopausal range is disturbing, too. Lots to sort out. I've been through it all. Bodies are not all alike. There are many different ways to be treated. Not everyone metabolizes hormones the same way.

WPATH standards are set by the Endocrine Society. Liability concerns are more convoluted than people know. These treatments are consensual for adults like me but non-consensual when performed on young children to reinforce a sex assignment that might possibly be rejected later. I don't think people appreciate how much is involved and how bad the treatment protocols are, if you are even able to get to the point where you can have a treatment protocol funded by insurance allowing you a "qualified physician", which in the case of transsexual and intersex people, more often than not, is a contradiction of terms. I don't think ob/gyn's who treat post menopausal women understand much about hormone replacement, either.

I very much agree with the statement that we need "more permanent solutions to accessible and affordable healthcare."
I would add that we also need more understanding and healthcare better suited to our individual needs, as well.

In other cases, LegitScript engages in takedown initiatives on our own accord to shut down rogue online pharmacy websites that pose public health threats*.

*LegitScript determines whether websites pose a public health and safety risk and should be subject to termination based solely upon standards approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and not at the direction of any third party.

Just who the bleep is Legit script, a 100% employee owned company?

They say:

LegitScript currently funds our operations in three ways.

We offer market research reports, including investigative reports, regarding the Internet pharmacy market and online pharmaceuticals market to private companies and government agencies.
We also offer a trademark monitoring service to identify trademark infringement.
We conduct “sweeps” for companies, such as search engines, who want to ensure that their services are not being utilized by rogue Internet pharmacies.
Generally, LegitScript’s services are offered in the structure of a consulting fee arrangement.

Who are they consulting for? If they are consulting for a drug company, then how can they make the claim that they are not taking funds from Pharmaceutical companies (who would be the ones most likely to use this data)?

The FDA cannot, legally, stop anyone from importing for their own personal use drugs from outside the country. The DEA cannot, legally, do anything, themselves. They do not allow the distribution (including sharing with people in need) of substances which are controlled, but an individual citizen can, on their own, legally obtain a small amount of any drug for their own use. And if they have a prescription for it, then no one can say jack.

The laws affect the distribution of the drugs. So this organzation is, bluntly, extremely questionable in it's methodlogy (they are, essentially, vigilantes, following their own set of rules).

Now, in fairness, IHP is distributing illegally, under US law. However, they are not based in or subject to US law.

Which means that LegitScript, as an organization, is acting extranationally. Making them, in a certain sense, pirates.

So, to seriously have had an effect, they have to be doing something that is above and beyond what is being said on their website.

One wonders what it is they are doing that compromises "takedown initiatives" and if those involve any sort of hacking -- which would make their employee owned company little more than a bunch of felons.

They cite the NABP standards as their basis. By that standard, no pharmacy outside the US meets their criteria, since no pharmacy outside the US can have a DEA control number, which is the second criteria they list, nor is it based in the US, which is their 4th criteria. appears to me to be a scam -- and one that is running a very very old con...

I have bought hormones from Inhouse Pharmacy. I have bought Anti-androgens from them as well. They have never given me any problems which is far more than I can say for the medical community locally. I will continue to try to buy my hormones online until I have no other choice but to try to seek a local supplier in the supposedly legit medical community. Sadly, it will mean I will be putting myself at a greater risk because in all honesty those I have seen who do use the local doctors have had more health issues than I ever did. I know I cannot get the medication I use by way of local doctors anyway as they all have the same mindset, to throw pills at you from the supplier that they get the biggest kickback from. Most could care less to treat those such as myself anyway. They try to bankrupt you with batteries of tests and appointments just to discourage you in most cases. If you have insurance chances are it will not cover your treatments anyway so it is all out of pocket. If you wish to do a test in most cases you can do them yourself cheaper than the doctors office will get you for anyway. If they wished to do something useful they should try to stop the hundreds of Viagra adds I get in my spam filter daily. Surely Viagra is as dangerous as any other drug that gets imported.

This is a really huge deal for transpeople, particularly younger transpeople. It's not the cost of the meds as much as availability of reasonable treatment without jumping through some psychologists hoops at $90/hour (often being told after months that they have no intention of recommending transition to anyone) and then finding a doctor who is willing to prescribe meds for you. All that while for young transwomen, their bodies are masculinizing in ways that can never ever be reversed.

You can also add in the fact that reading inhouse's basic information about hormones is probably more information than 99% of MDs have about transsexual hormone treatment.

IMHO the ability to self direct our medical needs by avoiding the anti-trans SOC and the trans-industrial complex is necessity for any real liberation for transpeople.

There are plenty of legitimate on-line pharmacies operating from Canada, and they require a prescription. I do not see any problem with requiring a prescription. Few of us are trained in pharmacology, and know about all the possible interactions or side-effects that a drug or dosage may cause.

I have success fully used for prescriptions from my US doctor for generic acid-reflux medications. The fact that I have a prescription, and that the pharmacy in Canada reviews it is at least some protection for dealing with what would be an unknown entity. My pills arrive, shipped from Switzerland or manufactured in India, or you can order the name brand.

I agree that it is horrible that Americans pay so much for prescriptions, but there really are legitimate reasons for some of the regulations.

Pete, part of the problem here is the very common incompetence and/or prejudice in the medical community. My doctor told me to take a potentially lethal combination of anti-androgens and health supplements. My pharmacist didn't catch it. My trans community did. Since then I've done the research myself, and it's been exceedingly rare for me to find a doctor who knows as much or more about trans health and medications than I do. When I need to consult with a doctor who does, I have to drive multiple hours each way to get there, usually making a weekend trip out of it.

If the system worked, it might make more sense to advocate that everyone stay inside of it. But I've got friends struggling to pay for rent. Why should they give up half a month's rent just to talk to someone who know's almost nothing about their health issues yet authoritatively tells them what they need to do, often dismissing the patients knowledge and instructing them to take a less ideal, effective, or safe option?

All I can say is that if you had to wait 5 months for spironolactone because you were trans, never mind your blood pressure being 155 over 95, you might have a different position on our beneficient medical system.

For a couple years or so i ordered online hormones.From numberonepharmacyonline. At first all seemed well and the hormones seemed to be working then towards the end there was a change in one of the drugs.Luckily for me I was able to begin receiving hormones through a US doctor.Part of getting those hormones required testing of hormone levels. The results came back and I was somewhat surprised to find out I had been fleeced. I know it's an extra cost and I realize the embarrassment that some may feel from seeing a doctor but I would recommend going in and having your hormones levels checked once in a while.Also if you are embarrassed going to the doctor to get a hormone prescription how are you going to deal with other things like mammograms? Part of being a woman means having to deal with the things that women do.

Chris Mallory | September 30, 2010 11:29 AM

The problem isn't big pharma. The problem is big government. Without big government, big pharma has no power. I have MS, I know what meds cost. I know the joy of having to pay a doctor to get a prescription for a drug I know I need. I know the fear of being arrested for using the one drug that works to relieve my worst symptoms. It is big government screwing us.

amym440 receiving drugs of an unknown quantity and type from a shady online "pharmacy" versus receiving name brand drugs directly from the manufacturer via a reputable and well known international pharmacy service... NOT REALLY THE SAME THING THERE.

Perhaps you eventually lucked out in that youre now in a situation where you feel comfortable going to your doctor, so be thankful for having viable trans resources where you are. But for transpeople who are stuck geographically in transphobic backwaters where the doctors know nothing about trans care and don't WANT to know and any doctor you might see you'll have to pay out of pocket for the privilege of educating THEM about trans healthcare, all the while being misgendered and ogled by staff during visits and even having to hunt for a long time to find a doctor who's willing to treat you in the first place... ordering online from Inhouse Pharmacy made much more sense.

This is a real blow to the trans community, which already suffers from astronomical rates of poverty and unemployment, making health insurance coverage and basic healthcare even less likely for us. This is not a matter of being "too shy" to go to a doctor. Sometimes going to the doctor will do you more harm than good, financially, emotionally, or just in terms of being able to begin hormonal transition in the first place.

Very well said, Jane Laplain. I wasn't shy or unwilling to talk about it, and I dutifully went to a therapist for months to get my HRT letter (which proved to be a referral and I've never seen my letter,) then to that endo. Two years on I'm finally on the cusp of winning the argument for being prescribed a proper HRT; every appointment was me arguing for an increase, debate about what I expected to get from it, then her only slightly increasing it, apparently unable to understand why I wouldn't be satisfied with E and T levels that were, "in the normal male range." I finally got onto a reasonable AA dose this summer, and at about half of what's a normal E dose.

This isn't middle-of-nowhere, either, but a reasonably large area (the Research Triangle.) I'm fortunate to have it as well as that, too. Some of my friends are in situations where the only doctors they can find who will even prescribe won't do more than normal post-menopausal HRT for cis women. Several have gone non-prescription and I support them completely as the prescription route was simply wasting time and money.

Before I bought from the pharmacy that I did I checked out inhouse pharmacy and they didn't have what I know to be a proper hormone regimen available.As for my having lucked into an area where there are viable trans resources.Not really I blazed my own trail just like those who came before us did.I do know what it is like to be abused by a doctor and mis gendered by staff but instead of allowing it to hurt me I used it to help change the system I'm in.I complained through the right channels in a discreet manner that brought it to the attention of those who could and would do something about it.When I first started down the path to transition I went to a 90.00 an hour therapist.But at the same time I asked around through the lgbt community if someone knew of a doctor that would prescribe hormones.I was able to start on legally prescribed hormones just by mentioning that I was in therapy for gid.The doctor that prescribed them was an old small town type doctor.I have found more times than not the best allies I've found were in the places I'd least expect them to be.

Again, there is an amount of fortune. I asked around in the LGBT community first before scheduling any appointments and the ones therapist and endo I have are the only name that came up as being worth anything. I have been unable to locate a non-specialist willing to prescribe, in fact the most well-regarded GP I found by asking in the LGBT community very much is of the view that only a specialist has any business prescribing HRT.

I'd love to do education, but I simply do not have the time. I'm too busy working in the time that it can be done. I'm convinced they want to meet face to face for hours knowing how impossible that is for so many.


I've been all over the Net digging around "LegitScript". They have a twitter account that had a link to a page that talks about why they slammed on InHouse and now are keeping them from being able to ship to the US. I think it's crap, I just want folks to be able to read from the horses mouth:

Also, they seem to be working with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. On the NABOP website, they have a thing they call AWARxE. When you go to it, tell tells you there's a chance that 83% of the drugs you buy online are counterfeit. Yeah, ok. Not. Then it links you to, a nonprofit staffed by pharmacists, pharmacy students, a DARE person, a Sheriff, a legislator, and a couple other people.

But the overwhelming amount of folks behind this AWARxE thing seem to be pharmacists. Hmmm....

John Horton, the founder of "LegitScript" is a drug company shill who worked as a longtime aide for GW Bush. I encourage all trans people and their allies to tell this outfit what you think about their supposed "advocacy work" which is targeting the trans community.

Their Facebook site is:

I suggest reading this link to find out more about the history and agenda of LegitScript and its founder John Horton (who supported Mitt Romney... the drug companies' buddy).

Sorry... premature click. Let's try that again:

I suggest reading this link to find out more about the history and agenda of LegitScript and its founder John Horton (who supported Mitt Romney... the drug companies' buddy).

CatherineCC | October 1, 2010 4:12 AM

The website is down.

Quote from the article about LegitScript:

"I discovered that its founder, John Horton, was a White House aide for George W. Bush from 2002 to 2007, serving in the office of National Drug Control Policy. I learned that Horton had given money to the 2008 presidential campaign of Mitt Romney, the candidate most strongly in the corner of Big Pharma in its fight against Canadian drug reimportation. The company is based in the Washington, D.C., area, home of the Big Pharma lobby. All of which makes me wonder who’s funding LegitScript — and why.

As we’ve reported here before, Big Pharma and its proxies, like the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, have dramatically stepped up their disinformation campaign against Canadian drugs in recent months."

Why now? Clearly, it’s because both John McCain and Barack Obama have promised to legalize consumer purchases of Canadian drugs. With public support for drug reimportation at 80 percent, how can you blame them?

So Big Pharma has got to spread enough nonsense — scare enough people — to bring those poll numbers down. That way, Big Pharma’s water-carriers in Congress can feel comfortable blocking any proposed reimportation legislation.

Who knows? Maybe LegitScript’s ambition is to displace PharmacyChecker as the verification system that Google uses to vet pharmacies for its ad network. If LegitScript were successful in doing this, no Canadian pharmacies would be allowed to advertise through Google — a major victory for the U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

This problem is larger than the discussion I have seen so far. Why is it in this "land of the free" that we are subjected to control freaks everywhere we turn. In many countries such things as estrogen are over the counter purchases and I haven't ever read of anyone dying from an overdose of estrogen. The same can be said of many other drugs that are regulated in the U.S. but considered safe elsewhere.

HRT does not have to be expensive... At this point I go to the clinic in Philadelphia once a year for a checkup and blood tests the rest of the year I get my prescriptions from my regular doctor. When I first started I went every three months but once my levels stabilized it was switched to yearly. The fee at the clinic is on a sliding scale and I am low income retired so it cost me just $15 a visit.

I use a local pharmacy that charges just $9.99 for a three month supply of listed generic drugs. I pay about $30 every three months for my Spironolactone and Estradiol.


It is outrageous that so much research is funded by grants from public sources in USA and we end up paying more for our prescription medicine than anyone else.

My non-transsexual related medicines are covered by medicare but the co pays are so high for non generic drugs that I can not afford then. I use generics even when the are not as effective as the newer brand name drugs.

CatherineCC | October 1, 2010 11:01 PM

Great, but if you're living outside of a major city (or even if you live in a bigoted state) you don't have that option.
That's the people this is going to hurt most.

And the clinic you go to is being subsidized. As the economy goes into the toilet, more and more of these places are getting their funding cut. Are you 100% sure that clinic be open next year?

Moreover, as has been mentioned... to often get those prescriptions, many self-employed doctors require literally $500-800 in blood tests to cover their bums in case of a lawsuit. If you don't have insurance which covers it (and most don't) you could very easily end up having to spend $1K between tests and appointments just to get on HRT, a prohibitive amount for many trans people and certainly for most trans youth. The alternative for many... street meds. As has been mentioned, InHouse did not dispense street meds, they were tested drugs made by mainstream, non-US companies. LegitScript is NOT about public safety, it's about protecting the oligarchy of US drug companies and pharmacies.

Joanna, I too have ordered. What are you going to do? Do you have any suggestions? Or another site?


so you people dont know that they have a mirror site to get around as a loophole? its called I found this out with little research, i find it very odd that some of you RELY on this site for your lives,and couldnt find this..

I hope you dont mind me posting here. I have been following many forums and just want to
re-assure you of our commitment to our US customers.

Network Solutions along with will not allow us to ship from the dot com site and we had to comply with that request otherwise that domain name would have been seized by Network Solutions. We supply worldwide not only to the US hence the need to retain the dot com site.

We started online in 1996.
The company operates within the laws of Vanuatu and we get audited regularly by the Health Dept to ensure we are not selling drugs of abuse or controlled substances and a qualified and registered Pharmacist is on site.

We do NOT sell counterfeit medications or engage in fraudulent activity as the designation "Rogue Pharmacy" by Legitscript would suggest.

If any one would like to contact me please email me at [email protected]

Kerry Bell


I just wanted to take a moment to say, as a transgendered woman, that back in college InHousePharmacy literally saved my life. What your company and others like it do for our community are more important than I really have words to express. Even though I don't currently use your services, hearing about the whole situation makes my blood boil. Please do not bow down to pressure from organizations that are only looking to line their own pockets. Thank you so much for what you have done for me and for the community in general.

Keep fighting the good fight.

~~ Jessica

Thank You!! You help so many people.

I am an American, I am neither gay nor tran, I have type 2 diabetics and for the past 4 years I have being buying my medicane from inhouse pharmacy. I ahve no Insurance, not how will I get my medicane, this will be a big blow to people like me

Just so someone's fears might be calmed. My boyfriend and I use InHousePharmacy. We sent them and email when the site was taken down. They responded and we order all of our medications in the usual manner and they came within the 2 week period as usual. I just reordered from them. I am confident that this site is operating under the previous owners.

[email protected]
Deborah D Johnson

Marcia Jackson | December 7, 2010 4:21 PM

I have been dealing with Inhouse for about 6 months or so. I have always received my meds (I am transgendered) in a timely manner. Anytime there was a hold up (only once and that was during Thanksgiving) I got a quick response when I emailed them about it.
I began using Inhouse when I was no longer able to get my hormones/anti-androgens through the Veteran's Hospital because they do not give meds for transitioning (even with a diagnosis of GID, which I have).
In the future I may get a doctor who prescribes and I can get them. But for now things are cheaper (anyway) and Inhouse does a great service for those other than TG's who need meds but cannot afford them.

This is obviously a big drug company thing. Meaning, the big drug companies are just trying to get all of the pie. Those who can't afford meds just have to suffer in their eyes.

Texas_sphinx | December 8, 2010 10:54 AM

I have ordered meds from InHouse Pharmacy for over 8 years. I have had many email contacts over the years with Kerry Bell. He has always been quick to respond to my needs or concerns over products or availability of produts for myself or my animals.
LegitScript should be the one taken down for their lack of concern for people.

marena kallas | January 15, 2011 10:01 AM

In House Pharmacy has a revised web address - those interested can still order from In House at:

Best to all

It appears that this company is now requiring prescriptions to be faxed/mailed in for "prescription-only" items, both for American and European customers. Of course physicians' fees are the big portion of one's expenses, and all prescriptions expire after maybe one renewal. No wonder why the GOP is against single-payer universal health care and hell bent on repealing the compromise "Obamacare"!

Here's some stuff about Mr. John Horton and his for-profit business Legitscript.

Oregon corporate filing information:
Legitscript LLC, domestic LLC (for-profit entity).

Office: 1701 NW Thurman St., Suite 204 (i.e. NW 17th & Thurman, not far from St. Patrick's Catholic Church -- I am very familiar with this neighborhood.)

Corporate agent: John C. Horton, whose address provided is 818 SW 3rd Avenue #353. (This is the UPS Store near the Pioneer Place mall downtown. I used to have a box there over 10 years ago.) No other names appear on the registration. It was incorporated on Aug. 17, 2009 and the most recent change was Aug. 10, 2010.

The business is in compliance with the City of Portland's business license program.

It appears that John Horton is NOT a licensed pharmacist in the State of Oregon.

He however was a lawyer with Oregon State Bar #970656, admitted to the bar on April 15, 1997. He is currently listed as "inactive." Since one must be a lawyer in good standing to be a prosecutor (and he was previously a prosecutor with the Multnomah County District Attorney's office) he must have retired from his legal practice and now finds this venture to be quite lucrative.

There appears to be a John C. Horton who resides in the Pearl District on NW 12th Avenue, and another John Horton listed on phone books who resides in the Old Town Chinatown on NW Couch Street.

Hi everyone. I hope it's ok that I joined this site. I am not transgendered, My name is Nicole. Please take a moment to hear me out. I am very supportive of whatever your body and soul needs to have to be at peace, medications, surgeries, and support from others.(I'm definately a supporter of being who you are and I know being transgendered is a medical condition, not a choice) I am 34 years old, and have lupus, PCOS, insulin resistance (those are my main issues). I understand wanting/feeling something since you can remember, for me that desire has been to be a mother. Over the past decade I have had 4 miscarriages (the most recent was July 9th '11) this has been something that has ripped my heart out, and I think about what I don't have every single day. I will often see babies and children and think, my baby would be that old now. I have had 10 surgeries, and one of them was to remove my right fallopian tube. I still have one functioning tube, but PCOS (which totally messes with your hormones-I too was on Spiro for chin hair and high testosterone, we have more in common than you think!)
My doctor has informed me that in order to have a healthy pregnancy with a take home baby, I need a medication called Femara. The problems occur because that doctor will not write the script, she says I need to see an RE for that (out of pocket) and their clinic demands that you have ultrasounds (out of pocket). This would end up costing me 5 grand for one cycle, and some take many cycles before success if at all. Quite frankly I don't have an extra 50 grand laying around. The medical community has made infertility treatments something only the rich can afford. (I'm sure some of you can relate to that as well) I can relate to the feelings of something being ingrained in who you are and not feeling complete or happy until you attain that. For me it is in my soul to be a mother, and I don't like to admitt it, but have felt suicidal many times at the thought of never having a "take home baby". There has been nothing more painful for me than to one day feeling my baby growing inside me, and the next day for it to be gone. I feel such an emptiness inside. I have done everything naturally known to man within our budget, and was living as healthy as possible when I had my last 2 losses (both this year).
I know the medication that the doctors would have me take (she told me). I also know the dosing as well. Some doctors will do this without an ultrasound, but none will do it without frequent RE visits and tons of labwork, and I just can't afford month after month of that. I can afford to raise my child well, this child will be SO loved. Sorry to pour out my whole story,(thank you for reading this) but I'm hoping that some of you can empathize with the pain of not being able to have what comes naturally to others, or having every obstacle possible put in your way. I have been looking into ordering Femara online through the website you speak of. I KNOW this medication is the right one, I've spent months researching it, and how to get it. I hope for all of you, and others that depend on this site, and myself that this site (the biz site) is still operational. I see that most of the activity on this thread was in 2010. I would love some info from anyone, and if there are problems with this site, is there a safe alternative? It makes me sick to see what "Legit" and big Pharma are trying to do...line their pockets from other peoples pain. It makes me sad that people could treat each other this way for a buck, and also angry. When uninsured I went through a period of time where I had to choose between heat or life saving medications. Luckily a family member helped me, but it was so embarassing. None of us can help our health issues, and we shouldn't have to live a half-lived life because we are not wealthy. Again I know this thread is old, I'm hoping some kind hearted souls will reach out and offer me a bit of guidance. God Bless you all! I think you are all very brave and strong.



I hope some kind souls will reach out with some advice for me. In looking into the out of states company, I found that many people using this company were transgendered. I have a friend who is, and I know the challenges and discrimination she has recieved from the medical community, co-workers, and even family. Again, I hope not to offend anyone by posting to you here. I am a person in pain who needs help. Thanks in advance for reading my above post.