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Evangelical Church Worker Arrested in Anti-Gay Kidnapping Case

Filed By Nancy Polikoff | April 22, 2011 3:00 PM | comments

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The FBI has arrested Timothy David Miller for aiding and abetting the international kidnapping of Isabella Miller-Jenkins by her biological mother, realvermont39876.jpgLisa Miller. (Background on the long-running litigation between Lisa, who became an evangelical Christian, and her former civil union partner, Janet Jenkins, declared Isabella's parent by the courts in Vermont.) Lisa and Isabella appear to be in Nicaragua. A Vermont court ordered Lisa to turn over custody of Isabella to Janet over a year ago.

Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), which has represented Janet Jenkins in the Vermont Supreme Court proceedings in this case, released a statement this morning.

If you want the details as related by the FBI in its criminal complaints against both Timothy Miller and Lisa Miller (no relationship between the two has been established), I've written an extensive summary.

The investigation took the FBI into Liberty School of Law, home of Liberty Counsel, one of the two right wing organizations that consistently supports biological mothers who seek to eliminate the child's other mother from the child's life. Lisa Miller was a perfect client for them because she renounced her homosexuality in the process and became an Evangelical Christian. Lisa's lawyer teaches at Liberty School of Law. There is no allegation against her specifically, but an administrative assistant at the law school is the daughter of the man who owns the property in Nicaragua (an Evangelical compound of sorts) where Lisa is hiding Isabella. The administrative assistant allegedly participated in conversations about transporting Lisa's personal belongings and other supplies to Nicaragua.

Timothy Miller will be arraigned in federal court in Vermont on Monday.

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One down.

Which cult member will be next?

Hopefully more of these arrest will happen and show there is a price to be paid for hateful and illegal activities regardless of claimed religious belief.

GOOD! And not a year too soon.

Now for some more of these sociopaths to get busted.

california panda | April 23, 2011 4:37 AM

Remove ALL tax breaks from religion-based organizations. This kind of hate needs to cost them some serious money to maintain. And it needs to send the message to other religious groups which look the "other way" that silence is not "golden".

For me the horrific thing is the targetting of vulnerable LGBTQIA people in relationships by these hate groups who then manage to brainwash them into taking a self loathing person. Unfortunately being LGBTQIA makes you no less susceptible to brainwashing...

The FBI is working to reunite a lesbian with her child? How refreshing.