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Marvel Comics Cancels Their Only LGBT Solo Lead Comic Book

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daken_2009_by_localstigmatik-d33usrx.jpgWolverine has a bisexual son named Daken, and he has a comic... Wait! He had a comic. Marvel just cancelled it. Here's Marvel's EIC Axel Alonso to get us the scoop:

It's always disappointing when a title comes to an end. I'll bet everyone reading this column still mourns the death of a title or two they loved -- and wonder why the book didn't stick. And I guarantee you that as frustrated as a fan might be, there's a writer, artist and an editor who are even more disappointed. That's just the way things go sometimes. The market won't support it.

That said, I'm proud of X-23's run. Two successful limited series and an ongoing series ain't bad. Ditto for Daken [who is also ending his series.] From a supporting role in "Wolverine: Origins" to the lead of ongoing series that included him slicing Frank Castle to bits -- enter Franken-Castle. Both were characters that gained traction in a market that, well, doesn't really have a great track record of supporting new stuff. And both characters anchored legitimate monthly titles. We don't do R&D at Marvel. We'll stick by a title for a while -- like we did with "Spider-Girl" -- but there comes a point where that title has to earn, usually sooner than later.

I hope Daken will continue to be active in the Marvel universe. He is a very interesting character.

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we would have supported it if we had a clue it even existed, thank you for considering it in the first place but umm, err, don't you think you should have tried marketing it to bisexual and other LGBTQ+ people?

I mean I'm not a marketing genius or anything, but it does seem like something to consider, you know, telling your target market or something.

I think Daken's sexuality is up-in-the-air at best. I don't know if he's actually seen on panel being intimate with any male character. The only Daken comics I recall where he's suggestively flirting with men is when he's OBVIOUSLY trying to get something such as some security code, a key, or what-have-you. His powers seem to suggest he has some control over his pheromones so he just uses that to his advantage.

There are two openly gay characters over in X-Factor, but my understanding is that that comic is also ending soon.

I went and looked it up and in a couple of places it says that one of the co-writers, Marjorie Liu, directly confirmed Daken's bisexuality in a 2011 video interview with Newsarama

but I also see that all of Marvel's coy dancing about has made it so that a potential fan base (and bisexual people are so desperate for non-idotic depictions of themselves they are ravenously loyal "shippers" - just look at Torchwood) really had no idea he existed until obviously it's too late, proving once again that being a pack of biphoic bigots is not only morally wrong it is also a financially stupid

Well they may not have their own comic titles, but Northstar has been an openly gay character since the 1990's and now there is Rictor and Shatterstar in a relationship in the X-Factor comic.

I never picked up a Daken comic but most of the Wolverine spin off books aren't worth reading so maybe there was a legit reason for the cancellation?...

DC is fine and so is Marvel. The only comix I despise are DNC comix.

They're not funny at all.

Well, IMO, the Gay characters have seemed to stay around pretty well and been pretty well accepted by the comics community, such as the mentioned Northstar, and the XFactor couple. Then indy comics like The Authority, and various others are well recieved with openly Gay characters. SO I don't think it's a lack of support for Gay characters in comics, Maybe they should have made Daken Gay instead of "up in the air".

Let me get this straight (no pun intended), he "slept around" to get what he wanted. And supposedly that's the positive image of bisexuality we want in the media.

I admittedly have never read this series. But I think perhaps the cancellation went a long way toward helping us make progress, rather than hindering it.


LOL, points to you on that! From what I can tell he also kills is (adoptive) mother, his little brother (as an infant out to jealousy) and goads his adoptive father into suicide . . . and that's just the beginning of his adventures.

On the other hand that seems to be pretty mild not to mention par for the course for the comic-book series/universe he's a part of, so . . .