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Behold 'Groin Gazing,' a Fashion Spread Starring Boners

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groin-gazing-boyfriend.jpgMontreal-based photographer Claire Milbrath has an intensely erotic yet basically-SFW new series of fashion photos featured on the global youth media website It's not your conventional fashion photo spread, though, in the sense that it doesn't focus on clothes, hair, or accessories.

Instead, the star of the show is the boner -- or rather, the bulge in a guy's pants when he's sporting one.

It's called "Groin Gazing," and each provocative image features a tight shot of a clothed male model's crotch. Every subject is visibly aroused. The only clues to the identity of the anonymous models are provided by the objects they're holding and the setting of the photo.

For example, "The Boyfriend" (pictured above; click to *ahem* enlarge) is wearing a button-up shirt and khakis, carries flowers and chocolates, and is photographed in a residential setting, as though he's just arrived home. "The Student" holds a textbook in one hand and his dick in the other, "The Cop" wears a badge and wields a nightstick (of course), and "The Boy Next Door" is reclined on a bed, hard underneath his boxer briefs -- just as he would be if you happened to be, well, hooking up with the boy next door.

Writing at the Huffington Post, Amanda Duberman interprets Milbrath's photos as a feminist/scientific subversion of the "male gaze" -- men's tendencies to be aroused primarily by visual stimuli and focus their attention on sexualized parts of female bodies.

But while this theory is definitely intriguing, I haven't been able to find an artist's statement from Milbrath to corroborate it -- so I'm just going to use it as an excuse to look at artfully erotic photos of a beautiful subject: the male bulge.

A selection of quasi-SFW photos from "Groin Gazing" is after the jump. Which one is your favorite?

The Dad


The Basketball Player


The Raver


The Skater


The Cop


The Student

To view the rest -- including the Boy Next Door, the Weightlifter, the Pool Boy, and the Handyman -- click here to go to

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