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Viral Video Round-Up: Selfies & Sassy Flight Attendants

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Looking to kill some time before the end of the work day? You've come to the right place -- here are five great viral videos to keep you watching rather than working.

1.) The Best Airline Safety Speech Ever?

These days, it seems like airlines are working harder and harder -- and becoming more and more desperate -- to convince passengers to listen up during the pre-flight safety speech. (Remember this amazing video from Virgin America?)

Well, as it turns out, all they really have to do is make sure every flight crew contains at least one comedian. Exhibit A: Martha "Marty" Cobb of Southwest Airlines, who if she isn't already a comedian, absolutely should be. Her pre-flight safety announcement -- captured on a recent flight to Salt Lake City -- will have you in stitches.

It's had almost 6.6 million views in four days. Watch -- I want this lady on my next flight!

More viral goodness is after the jump.

2.) Two Dutch Grandmas Fly for the First Time

At the end of last year, British telecom company Vodafone launched its #First campaign, telling the stories of people doing "remarkable things for the first time." For An and Ria, two Dutch grandmothers in their seventies, their "first" was flying on a plane.

Watch them take to the skies for the first time in this heartwarming video (1.5 million views since April 7). I dare you not to choke up when An calls her husband to describe what it felt like to see the earth from above. What a great reminder for all of us to appreciate life as we live it!

3.) What's the World's Toughest Job?

An ad agency in Boston representing American Greetings' had a novel idea for a Mother's Day marketing campaign. They created a fake job ("Director of Operations") and posted advertisements online and in newspapers. When people called to interview for the position, they were told it required constant physical exertion, being on-call 24/7/365, no breaks, no vacations... and no pay.

"That's almost cruel," one applicant says. Watch their reactions when they find out that such a job already exists, and that billions of people do it every day. (8.5 million views in two days.)

4.) Creationist Cosmos

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson's relaunch of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" TV series has become a sensation... for pretty much everyone except for so-called "Creationists," that is, who believe -- against all evidence, of course -- that Angry Grandpa in the Sky formed the earth in six 24-hour earth days 6,000 years ago.

Some of them are even demanding that their crackpot views be given equal airtime on the show, in the name of "fairness."

Thankfully that won't be necessary, because the clever folks at Funny or Die have done it for them in this hilarious parody video (530,000 views in two days). Check out the "Creationist Cosmos," a Bible-based alternative to reality. The long and short of it: God made everything. Except for them queers, that is.

5.) Don't Take a Selfie in Front of a Moving Train

This nine-second video has received 1.4 million views in just one day. Don't worry, nobody dies -- the only thing that gets hurt is the photographer's pride.

That's the end of the list, folks. Wasn't it fun? And look how much time you wasted!

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