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'Pray the Gay Away' Explained

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pray-away-the-gay-sara-whitman.jpgLaci Green, public sex educator and star of YouTube's "Sex Plus," has created a video to raise awareness of harmful "conversion therapy" practices. Green, who has over one million subscribers, was deeply affected by the death of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn, who committed suicide after her parents forcer her to attend conversion therapy. In Green's words: "How many LGBT kids have to take their lives before we finally put our foot down?"

After briefly tracing the history of the movement, Green goes on to debunk its various treatment methods, summing up the philosophy as one fueled by hatred: "It's almost like telling people to hate themselves could actually hurt them."

Green's commentary is some of the most succinct and effective I've ever come across, and it deserves to be shared widely. In the wake of Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern's bigoted bill to protect the right for parents to forcibly send teens to conversion therapy, it is especially important that we share the movement's history of abuse.

Watch, after the break.

"Pray Away the Gay" image credit: Sara Whitman.

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