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Dan Savage Pokes GOP on Gay Wedding Angst

Filed By John M. Becker | April 23, 2015 4:00 PM | comments

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chris-hayes-dan-savage.pngOn Tuesday night's episode of All In With Chris Hayes, author, LGBT advocate, and syndicated columnist Dan Savage became the latest commentator to poke fun at Republicans for their awkward contortions on same-sex weddings.

Salon has the recap:

Hayes began by comparing Scott Walker's answer -- that he would attend the reception, but not the ceremony -- to Bill Clinton's infamous statement that he tried marijuana, but never inhaled. In both cases, Hayes argued, a presidential candidate was attempting to respond to a question addressing an issue about which the general public was already to the left of political common sense.

All five of the potential GOP nominees who have answered this question, Hayes said, are "desperately trying to navigate some very uncomfortable territory as social norms around marriage equality and gay rights are changing."

Savage agreed that Walker's answer was "an elegant attempt to thread a very fine needle," adding how it was amusing to watch how the issue of gay marriage is dividing Republicans between "their own family members and the bigoted Republican base."

"But for me," he continued, "the question is why you would invite someone to your wedding who didn't think you should be having one." It's the equivalent, he said, of inviting someone to your birthday party who didn't believe you deserved to have another birthday.

Savage noted that the reception Walker attended was for a family member, and that the Wisconsin governor's situation gets right to the crux of the GOP's current problem:

"When it comes to flesh and blood and family vs. base, a lot of Republicans are having a hard time now choosing base over family, and that's really the whole trajectory of the LGBT civil rights movement in a nutshell."

Watch, after the break.

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