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Gina de Vries

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Gina de Vries has been a Project Contributor since June 2007, has written 47 entries and currently lives in San Francisco, CA.


Gina Francesca Anna de Vries is a queer femme writer, rabble-rouser, sex worker, pervert, and Paisan. She grew up in San Francisco, where she cut her activist and artist teeth on the riot grrrl and queer youth movements in the 1990s. As a teenager, Gina organized queer youth conferences, published some earnestly radical grrrl zines, and read at many a teen poetry slam. She also wrote Curve magazine's "Hey! baby" column (in which she profiled young lesbian, bisexual, and trans women activists) from 1997-2004, and co-edited (with Diane Anderson-Minshall) the queer youth anthology [Becoming]: Young ideas on gender, identity, and sexuality.

Currently, Gina curates shows for long-running queer performance series San Francisco in Exile, blogs for national LGBT blog Bilerico right here ;), teaches workshops about intersex and transgender issues with Youth Trans & Intersex Education Services, and teaches a writing workshop for sex workers at San Francisco's Center for Sex & Culture (where she also serves on the Advisory Board).

Gina's fiction, journalism, memoir, and smut have appeared dozens of places, including Dirty Girls, TransForming Community, That's Revolting!, Bound to Struggle, Femmethology, The Revolution Starts at Home, make/shift magazine, Go magazine, and $pread magazine.

Gina has performed everywhere from bar backrooms to the Ivy League -- including Perverts Put Out, the National Queer Arts Festival, Yale University, Reed College, and Write Here Write Now. She's starting her MFA in Fiction Writing at San Francisco State University in the Fall of 2009, where she hopes to bring a healthy dose of perversity to the academy.

Gina enjoys dying her hair pink, fancy lipgloss, genderfuck, living a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean, Phil'z Coffee, pretty boys, tough girls, transfeminism, and hagiography. She tours wherever willing pupils and audiences will have her, and can be booked for workshops and performances and/or cruised online at

Gina de Vries: Recently Filed

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Lisa Harvey at Questioning Transphobia wrote a great blog post on the rumors about Lady Gaga being intersex. Lisa articulates pretty much all of my feelings on the subject way more eloquently than I could hope to. Take a gander,...Read More

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Red and Charles, two trans artists/activists/media makers/hotties (hey, they said it -- I'm just agreeing!) answer a series of the obnoxious but unfortunately usual questions that trans folks often get from clueless non-trans people. I love how smart, funny,...Read More

Two shows in two weeks! Come out!

Filed by Gina de Vries | June 09, 2009 | 6:00 PM | comments

1. Have I mentioned those two shows I have in two weeks? If you're in San Francisco, please come to "REBEL GIRL: a riot grrrl nostalgia show" on Thursday night. Performers are bringing old & new zines, buttons, flyers, and...Read More

Gina: Then & Now

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THEN: This photo was published at NoFauxxx sometime in 2003. I was 19 years old. I'd been involved in the sex industry for a matter of months. I'd done a few naked photo shoots where friends took snapshots in hopes...Read More

A happy girl travelogue & general life update...

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Hi, Projectors. Wow, I'm remiss in my blogging here, aren't I? I was doing this thing called Enacting Some Major & Positive Life Changes. It was kinda time-consuming. Sorry. I'm back now! Anyway. I'm on my annual east coast tour,...Read More