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Robert Ganshorn

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Robert Ganshorn has been a Project Contributor since April 2008, has written 32 entries and currently lives in Jomtien, Thailand.


Born 1953, in Michigan City Indiana, Robert was the founding treasurer of the Gay Liberation Front at Purdue University in 1973 when still nineteen. In graduate school at Indiana University he created one of the first documentaries examining homosexual discrimination from within the community itself. With the assistance of Dr. Paul Gebhard, Head of the Kinsey Institute, this documentary was aired on Public Broadcasting station WTIU in 1974.

Robert went on to become co-founder of Ganshorn & Associates Inc. of Chicago, Illinois with his life partner. He and his partner met in 1976 and concentrated on neighborhood improvement issues in Chicago from 1978 through 2002. These activities centered around improvements in the community affecting children and reducing drug and gang activity in the Logan Square Community. Two Gay men, in a Hispanic community, sponsored Little League, Special Olympics, served on the park board advisory council, CAPS (Citizens Assisting Police) and through their business life in the giftwares industry sponsored "Gifts For Life" to benefit Aids victims.

Selling Ganshorn & Associates in 2002 they lived in Palm Beach County for five years before realizing their dream to live in "The Kingdom of Smiles."

Robert Ganshorn: Recently Filed

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Why I Could Not Wait for Obama

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Just When You Think You are Immune to Heartbreak

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Coming Out and the Revolving Door

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In most of my childhood, I felt extreme loneliness, even when with those who loved me. It is possible when you are desperate to believe two opposed ideas when the outcome gives pleasure beyond all that you had ever known....Read More