Entertainment: June 2005


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"Bleach" is the latest manga/anime that I'm all about. I read the first chapter of book one when it was published in Shonen Jump last year. It caught my interest, and I bought the first book . The books...Read More

What I'm reading now

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Mar by Nobuyuki Anzai ISBN: 1-59116-902-X This graphic novel was a quick read. The panels are drawn large with pretty basic dialogue. It's a cute story about a boy who's average in every regard who constantly dreams of a...Read More

So I found this site

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...and it cracks me up. It's a blog dedicated to bad Chinese usage. You know, when you see a Chinese character on a t-shirt or as a tattoo and you always wonder, "Does it REALLY say that?" Apparently, the...Read More


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If you know me, you know my love of flash animation. This is a great site - a story with no words. Check out all the symbols. :)...Read More

Ugh...I've been tagged!

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That Bil! I don't know whether to squeeze him or squeeze him harder sometimes. I have an infinite dislike for chain letters and those e-mails that promise me hell and damnation if I don't forward it to x number...Read More

Jim Verraros

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So, I've admitted before that American Idol is my secret vice. For those of you who watched the first season, you might remember Jim Verraros. He was the kindy dorky kid who was obviously gay but apparently just didn't...Read More