Politics: January 2006

Coretta Scott King is Dead

Filed by Ellen Andersen | January 31, 2006 | 10:52 AM | comments

I'm saddened to report that Coretta Scott King died in her sleep last night. Throughout her long life, King was a beacon of sanity and justice in a racist, sexist, classist, and homophobic world, and I, for one, will miss...Read More

HRO Nullification and Another Human Civil Liberty Deprivation Attempt

Filed by Bil Browning | January 27, 2006 | 12:06 PM | comments

Only 13 days passed from the day Major Bart Peterson signed Indianapolis' Human Rights Ordinance into law until the first attempt to undo it by amending HB 1010 earlier this week to nullify gender identity and sexual orientation as civil...Read More

Discrimination amendment is DOA

Filed by Bil Browning | January 25, 2006 | 3:21 PM | comments

Indiana Equality is proud to announce that Rep Thompson withdrew his amendment that was aimed at outlawing human rights ordinances covering sexual orientation and gender identity. The House reconvened at 1:30pm today. Rep Thompson withdrew his amendment and the House...Read More

Constituent Letter to David O.

Filed by Ed Team | January 25, 2006 | 1:26 PM | comments

Here's the letter that *Bry*lo sent to Representative David Orentlicher (D). It is clear that the state legislature is trying to usurp the power of local governments to decide what types of protections they feel are needed for their constituencies....Read More

What's Everyone Saying?

Filed by Bil Browning | January 25, 2006 | 12:13 PM | comments

I thought I'd share some of the other stories around the web on Thompson's "Discrimination Amendment" (as the Louisville Courier-Journal dubbed it!) Louisville Courier-Journal: Discrimination amendment stalls eminent-domain bill Indiana Equality: Proposal Would Make Illegal Local LGBT Non-Discrimination Policies Advance...Read More

The Homophobic Amendment

Filed by Bil Browning | January 25, 2006 | 9:54 AM | comments

Today's Indianapolis Star and the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette both give some column space to the unusual showdown at the Statehouse. For those of you just catching up, Rep Jeff Thompson (R) has offered up an amendment to a House...Read More

Zionsville: Wal-Mart Sucks!

Filed by Bil Browning | January 24, 2006 | 7:06 PM | comments

Now that I have the new category "Wal-Mart Sucks," what do I spy on the Indy Star website? And article entitled, "Wal-Mart plans are roiling Zionsville." Seems the dislike for the retail behemoth is in full-throated roar when even sleepy...Read More

Even Bosma's office is full of darkness

Filed by Bil Browning | January 17, 2006 | 6:42 PM | comments

House Speaker Brian Bosma's office has undergone renovations according to the Indianapolis Star. Apparently Bosma's office has filled up with the darkness that permeates his life. I just keep picturing all of the foul, untruthful and homophobic remarks that he's...Read More

Best Case, Worst Case

Filed by Sheila S. Kennedy | January 16, 2006 | 3:29 PM | comments

I am usually a very optimistic person, but I think only the willfully blind could be optimistic about America's prospects right now. And no, I haven't been drinking; I've just been reading the news. So if you are looking for...Read More

Another reason why guns and teens don't mix

Filed by Bil Browning | January 14, 2006 | 9:53 AM | comments

Yesterday's Indianapolis Star had an article on three teenagers from the Evansville area who were driving around and shooting deer from their car. The teens weren't hunting - they were "poaching." While they've admitted to shooting and killing over 30...Read More

Race to the bottom loses all around...

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | January 09, 2006 | 4:36 AM | comments

[Claiming] "...To compare the plight of homosexuals to that of African Americans is an insult..." [is] playing to people who would keep us all down by reframing antidiscrimination laws as privileges...Read More

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey

Filed by Bil Browning | January 07, 2006 | 9:03 PM | comments

Many people have fond childhood memories of the circus. But unfortunately, this family-friendly entertainment is anything but friendly to animals. Take action today to urge Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey to put a stop to cruelty and cease using...Read More

Bill filed to make abortion illegal in Indiana

Filed by Bil Browning | January 06, 2006 | 11:00 PM | comments

Hat tip to Out and About Evansville for the lead on this story. Unfortunately, the Evansville Courier & Press article that they quote is blocked behind a login screen, so I'm substituting the Indianapolis Star article. Woodruff is attributed in...Read More